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Why Choose Us?

We help you solve these common issues:

-Guaranteed Principal Protection

-Free Stock Market Ride

-Boost Your Wealth

-Guaranteed Income for Life

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The Protected Growth Strategy provides growth, guaranteed principal protection, and income for life. Designed to keep your account steady when the stock markets fall and allows you to participate in market gains.

The Tax-Free Retirement Income Strategy allows investors to save more for retirement, protect their retirement savings from market crashes and provides them tax-free retirement income.

May be appropriate for investors who:

  • Don’t want to lose money from market uncertainties and want guaranteed principal protection

  • Feel their investments are under performing because of management and commission fees

  • Don’t have time to manage their accounts

  • Don’t know what stocks (mutual funds, ETF’s) to pick, when to get in, when to get out

  • Want a safe place to put their money while participating in market gains

  • Want a guaranteed income for life

  • Want an initial boost to their savings

Key Features:

  • Principal Protection

  • Participate in market gains

  • Receive up to a 20% bonus on new account transfers

  • Tax-deferred growth

Invested in:
Choice of fixed interest and/or equity indexes

May be appropriate for investors who:

  • Maximize retirement savings

  • Take advantage of market gains without increasing market risk

  • Want to reduce their tax exposure

  • Protect their retirement income from an increasing tax environment

  • Are concerned about outliving their retirement income

  • Want a guaranteed income for life

Key Features:

  • Tax-Free retirement income

  • Tax-Free benefits for long-term care

  • Tax-Free benefits for critical illness

  • Tax-Free pre-retirement death benefit

  • Waive contributions upon disability

  • Tax deferred growth during accumulation

  • Market gains are guaranteed not to decrease

Invested in:
Fixed Indexed Equities and Bonds


The Diversified Income Strategy is tailored to meet the needs investors who seek a consistent, low-risk income and wealth building approach to managing their portfolio.

May be appropriate for investors who:
Are seeking income and growth

Key Features:

  • Experienced professional trading

  • Unique proprietary trading system that monitors more than 1,000 global markets, identifies superior risk/reward opportunities, and executes efficient strategies with precision

Invested in:
Highly liquid equities and ETF’s

To learn more, please contact us today.

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We focus on protecting your money first.

GP Financial provides wealth protection services first and foremost with guarantees built into each and every solution. GP Financial is an independent wealth management firm based in Chicago with over 1,500 clients and approximately $10.75 Billion in estate plans and assets under management.
We’re in the business of protecting and growing wealth for individuals, professionals and business owners. Everyone’s needs are a little different and we design custom solutions to solve specific client challenges. We work with the largest and strongest financial institutions in the world to offer innovative solutions for Investments, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning and Annuities

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We offer solutions to financial concerns.

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2200 Devon Ave, Des Plaines, IL 60018, USA

Phone: (847) 544-5895     Fax: (847) 544-5896

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